Restoration of Neglected Accounting

The outsourcing company STELLA LTD will help to restore the neglected accounting for past periods, from the processing of primary documents to the preparation of annual financial statements:

—  Extract and registration of documents for purchase
—  Extract and registration of documents for sale
—  Extract and registration of cash documents
—  Accounting registration of bank documents
—  Registration of advance reports
—  Accounting for long-term property, calculation of depreciation
—  Accounting for short-term property
—  Calculation and registration of wages, vacation pay, etc.
—  Staffing and dismissal, preparation of statements and certificates
—  Filling in travel lists
—  Preparation of inventory reports
—  Calculation and accounting registration
—  We provide all necessary reports for the past periods
—  At the request of the client, we represent the client ′s interests during the audit