Company registration

Registration, Re-Registration and Liquidation of Enterprises

Having decided to do business in Latvia, it is necessary to choose the most suitable form of registration for your commercial activities. Our specialists, taking into account the specifics of the proposed business, will advise and help you choose the most suitable form of business and the optimal tax system.

The most common form of commercial activity in Latvia is the Limited Liability Company (LLC).

There are two types of Limited Liability Companies:
* Limited Liability Company (LLC) with an authorized capital of 2800 EUR
* Limited Liability Company (LLC) with a reduced authorized capital of 1 to 2799 EUR

To enter a new enterprise or changes to the Commercial Register, the existing enterprise has to fill out an application on the establishment of the enterprise or on changing the registration data. If necessary, it is necessary to provide other documents as well: the company′s statutes in the new edition, the register of employees, the minutes of meeting of the participants, etc.
To facilitate the procedure of company registration, we offer our clients the preparation of all necessary documentation, as well as advice on the choice of the form of entrepreneurial activity and re-registration issues.

We offer::

—  Preparation of the necessary documents for the establishment of the enterprise (regardless of the form);
—  Preparation of an application for registration of a branch or representative office; Reorganization of enterprises (transformation, merger, separation, association);
—  Preparation of documents for increasing or decreasing fixed capital;
—  Preparation of an application for registration of commercial pledge;
—  Change of registration data and amendments, such as change of the legal address, changes in the Board (Council) composition, change of shareholders (sale of the enterprise), change of the name of the enterprise (firm), amendments to the statutes;
—  Preparation of all necessary documents for liquidation of the enterprise (regardless of the form);
—  Preparation of the liquidation balance sheet;
—  Consultations