Outsourcing of fixed assets

The outsourcing company Stella LTD pays special attention to the accounting and documentation of fixed assets. Since fixed assets are one of the components of the company′s assets, which positively affect the company′s financial performance.

Each enterprise should have a proper registration and management of fixed assets. Since there are separate audits of the State Revenue Service on fixed assets. And our customers are always ready for such audits.

The company Stella LTD carries out inventory of fixed assets:

—  Carrying out a full inventory of the company′s fixed assets
—  Comparison of the actual availability of property with accounting data
—  Identification of reasons for deviations and verification of data analysis
—  Adjustment of the data discrepancy in the accounting system with the data obtained as a result of the inventory.
—  Recommendations on the reflection of inventory results in accounting
—  Marking of fixed assets
—  Restoration of the "Fixed Assets" item