Financial outsourcing

Financial outsourcing

- is quite a new line of business and requires explanations.

Financial outsourcing is being applied in accounting and tax bookkeeping. It is a transfer of accounting, tax bookkeeping and report submitting functions to special organizations. And it is suitable: less costly than employing the accountants and more effective, as long as professionals are working in specialist companies and the risk of mistakes is decreased.

Accounting organizes information about the assets of your company and controls the turnover of funds by registering all financial operations. Correct accounting is protecting from tax risks and ensuring the financial stability.

LLC Stella LTD will undertake the organization of accounting and tax keeping in accordance with national standards of financial statements. We will increase the effectiveness of accounting, will obtain and process source documents, will arrange the accounting of cash transactions, will prepare and submit correct and true tax and statistical reporting about your company′s business to the state agencies.

LLC Stella LTD is processing financial data in Tildes Jumis programme, which is conforms to all the provisions of legislation of the Republic of Latvia. You will be able to connect the managing block of your database to supervise and control all the financial flows, your debtors and creditors, fixed assets, salary accounting and monitor the financial results.

Within the frames of a contract on accounting services, we are providing the following tasks:

—  processing of accounting source documents (cheques, consignment bills, invoices)
—  processing of banking operations
—  accounting of cash operations
—  payroll preparations for the employees
—  accounting for fixed assets
—  reports and accruals for the official journeys of employeesbr /> —  drawing-up shipping manifests for company′s transport facilities
—  tax calculation
—  preparation and submission of all the required tax reports and declarations
—  preparation and submission of statistic reports
—  control of company′s debtors and creditors
—  preparation and undergoing of audits from certified auditors
—  representing client′s interests before the revenue service
—  company′s accounting policy-making
—  preparation of operating financial reports for credit institutions and other purposes upon client′s request