Accounting services and programs


We offer the possibility of connecting via the Internet to the managerial block of the client database. This allows the client at any time to see and control the accounting data of its company: all financial flows, customers and suppliers, fixed assets, payroll calculations and monitor financial performance.

Accounting documents (purchases, sales, cash orders, bank statements, etc.) are provided one or several times a month, depending on their number and preferences of the client. It is possible to provide documents in electronic form as well.

Well-organized and high quality accounting is an integral part of a successful business. Of course, the person who is responsible for accounting issues is required at every company. On the other hand, a developing business may not be able to hire a professional accountant. We strive to help you develop your business lawfully and smoothly. We will help to avoid unnecessary financial costs.

We offer to outsource accounting to our team of qualified accountants - the saved time and cost reduction will allow you to reach new frontiers in your business. In turn, we are responsible for professionally performed work: control of accounting processes, identification of problems and finding their solutions, direct communication with clients, providing complete information to the client and ensuring full confidentiality guarantee.

Advantages of Accounting Outsourcing for Client Companies:

  Staff of qualified employees. High specialization and accounting priority in the outsourcing company allows you to maintain a high level of staff qualifications.
—  Recommendations of audit companies.
—  Annual reconciliations with the tax inspection. An accounting company servicing dozens of organizations in parallel is usually in the process of tax audits of its clients in a constant mode, thus accumulating the significant experience in the effective resolution of tax disputes.

Savings with the help of accounting services:

—  The price is lower by 40-60% than the employee in the staff - saving of salary taxes by 50%. Due to the maintenance of several companies and a more complete load, the cost of servicing one company is at least half the cost of creation of own accounting service.
—  Savings on accounting, administrative expenses.
—  Saving your own time.

Service in the field of accounting services:

—  Availability of accounting for all working days.
—  Possibility of remote access to accounting applications on the basis of your company. Remoteness of accounting.